Speaker Review in News Article form

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY – Eric Majchrzak, marketing director of Freed Maxick Accounting, spoke to a group of students about the media relations field on Monday.

Majchrzak makes accounting seem interesting to grab the attention of potential clients for his firm. He spoke of recent methods he uses to spread the Freed Maxick name. He says they use social networking heavily to gain more attention.

The social networking service LinkedIn was referred to on many instances during his presentation. He stressed the site’s usefulness and showed screenshots of the work he does.

Search engine optimization was another topic Majchrzak covered. He showed screenshots of Google searches for his accounting firm, four of the six links on the searches were related to him and Freed Maxick. He claims that the content produced for websites can help drive that particular company into the spotlight.

Overall, his presentation was about how he ended up with the job he has now and the firm’s media relations. He mentioned on numerous occasions that he knows that accounting is not interesting.

After the presentation, accounting just seems to be more entertaining.

Freed Maxick  is a nationally top 100 accounting firm aimed to provide assistance to its clients.


One comment on “Speaker Review in News Article form

  1. nicoleshoe says:

    Excellent work. You did your research!

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