‘March Madness’ Madness!!!!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

This Thursday, March 15, marks another year of the NCAA’s March Madness College Basketball Tournament. It also marks another year for President Barack Obama to make the difficult decision of whom to choose to win it all. In 2009, the President chose the North Carolina Tar Heels to win March Madness, and win they did.

“March Madness” lives up to its name. There are enough college basketball games airing on tv to make any sports fan lose their mind. The brackets are another headache. Fans have the ultimate choice of who goes on or who goes home. Imagine taking the time out of your schedule and making a bracket and having a heart attack every game. It is what sports is all about.

Football and Hockey fans can relate to feeling the stress and pressure of their team in the playoffs. That is only one team.

College basketball fans have sixty-four teams to worry about, for the first round anyway. But an error in choice during the first round could potentially ruin your entire bracket. Better to lose out in the beginning than growing grey hairs toward the end.

Next to fantasy teams and Tim Tebow, March Madness brackets are the most worshiped items in sports. Fans can pick and choose what team to win, and cuddle the brackets to sleep at night hoping to make the right choices. There are websites and news articles dedicated to help make the perfect bracket. Most fans rely on their gut instinct.

There are also contests in place for whomever has the better bracket or whomever picks the winner. Talk about added pressure. When people are making their brackets, they feel like they are aging five to ten years, just after the first pick!

In a sense, any sports fan can catch a glimpse of the daily pressures and tough decisions that our Presidents make, just by filling a bracket.

March Madness is the most unpredictable thrill ride in sports, and that is the fun of it all: the unpredictability.

Fans can download and fill their own brackets from ESPN.com


2 comments on “‘March Madness’ Madness!!!!

  1. Overall, I think you did a great job with this post! Coming from someone who doesn’t know much about sports, you seem to really know what you’re talking about. I enjoyed your specific examples and opinions regarding this year’s March madness. I think you did a great job with formatting this article for the web. Your sentences are not too long, but are still very descriptive. You also did a great job breaking up your paragraphs so that the post was not too overwhelming. Aside from a few minor grammatical errors which we’ve discussed in person, my only opinion would be to add some visuals to make the post more interesting.

  2. nicoleshoe says:

    Good, informative post. Feel free to break up the longer paragraphs

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