Buffalo Dot Com Speaker

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Yesterday S.J. Velasquez spoke about what shenanigans she does with Buffalo.com and IrishCentral.com. When I say “Shenanigans,” I mean that in saying that she was awesome. By her presentation, she was definitely a fun person. She showed off stuff about her in a powerpoint that she threw together, I can relate to that since I’ve tossed things together before (haha).

Now more about the presentation:

S.J. said that she is like an un-official journalist. She reports on events and what-not on blogs and whatever else she has involvement with on the websites I mentioned earlier.

She gave us some tips about web writing, I copied them down while she talked about them;

  • “readers love lists
  • videos make everything better
  • anonymous comments are the worst
  • don’t use photos without permission
  • credit sources with links”

Her list is definitely helpful for the future, and I have had experience witnessing those on websites.

She told us about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and how it can help get your website noticed.

That was pretty much it. Her presentation was informative and fun. Mostly fun. I really enjoyed what she presented and the advice she gave, and the Buffalo.com posters she brought with her.


S.J. also included Twitter pages we could follow:





One comment on “Buffalo Dot Com Speaker

  1. nicoleshoe says:

    Glad she gave you some good advice!

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