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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Amy Winehouse coroner resigns, family seeks advice

After questions were raised about her qualifications, the coroner who oversaw the investigation of the death of singer Amy Winehouse has resigned on Wednesday.

Winehouses’s relatives say that they are still gathering their thoughts about the resignation and the possibility of another investigation.

In October, Suzanne Greenaway made the ruling that the singer, who was found dead at her London home in July, had died from accidental alcohol poisoning when she resumed drinking after weeks of abstinence

Greenaway had been appointed an assistant deputy coroner in London in 2009 by her husband, and resigned in November after authorities learned she had not been a registered U.K. lawyer for five years as required by the rules. She had practiced law for a decade in her native Australia.

Word of her resignation was not public until Wednesday.

Greenaway oversaw 12 inquests in Camden, the north London borough where Winehouse lived, and others in east London.  Andrew Reid, Greenway’s husband and the coroner for inner north London, said he was “confident that all of the inquests handled were done so correctly” — but offered to hold those inquests over again if the families of the deceased wanted it.

Winehouse’s family said it had not yet decided what to do. However, Winehouse’s investigation could be declared invalid if her family challenges the verdict in court.

The 27-year-old Grammy-winning singer was found dead at her home in Camden on July 23.



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