3-26 – In-Class Speaker, Kate Wilcott

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

On  Monday,  students  learned  about  the  famous  white-labeled  company,  Synacor,  from  one  of  its  current  employee,  Kate  Wilcott.

Kate  talked  about  how  Synacor  is  the  brains  behind  promoting  the  newer  technology  that  allows  people  to  subscribe  to  websites  and  watch  television.

Synacor  created  the  websites  for  Verizon,  SuddenLink,  and  CenturyLink.  Synacor  is  also  associated  with  Time  Warner  Cable.  They  believe  in  promoting  their  customers,  rather  than  themselves.

Kate  described  her  background  story,  she  was  originally  a  philosophy  and  pre-law  undergrad  student  and  realized  at  her  law  internship  that  she  did  not  like  what  she  was  doing.  In  a  swift  change  in  careers,  she  went  to  St.  Bonaventure  for  grad  school  and  now  works  with  Synacor.

During  her  presentation,  Kate  sounded  like  a  child  that  got  a  new  toy.  Her  enthusiasm  for  what  she  does  was  amazing.  Having  a  job  that  you  love  is  often  the  key  to  success,  and  she  was  showing  that.

Overall,  her  presentation  was  enjoyable,  and  I  could  keep  Synacor  in  the  back  of  my  mind  for  an  internship  opportunity.


March 21 Slideshow [Link]

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

With the temperatures hitting nearly 80 degrees Wednesday afternoon, NU students took full advantage of the unusual warm-up.


-Photos by: Allison Candilora and Dallan Lewis


‘March Madness’ Madness!!!!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

This Thursday, March 15, marks another year of the NCAA’s March Madness College Basketball Tournament. It also marks another year for President Barack Obama to make the difficult decision of whom to choose to win it all. In 2009, the President chose the North Carolina Tar Heels to win March Madness, and win they did.

“March Madness” lives up to its name. There are enough college basketball games airing on tv to make any sports fan lose their mind. The brackets are another headache. Fans have the ultimate choice of who goes on or who goes home. Imagine taking the time out of your schedule and making a bracket and having a heart attack every game. It is what sports is all about.

Football and Hockey fans can relate to feeling the stress and pressure of their team in the playoffs. That is only one team.

College basketball fans have sixty-four teams to worry about, for the first round anyway. But an error in choice during the first round could potentially ruin your entire bracket. Better to lose out in the beginning than growing grey hairs toward the end.

Next to fantasy teams and Tim Tebow, March Madness brackets are the most worshiped items in sports. Fans can pick and choose what team to win, and cuddle the brackets to sleep at night hoping to make the right choices. There are websites and news articles dedicated to help make the perfect bracket. Most fans rely on their gut instinct.

There are also contests in place for whomever has the better bracket or whomever picks the winner. Talk about added pressure. When people are making their brackets, they feel like they are aging five to ten years, just after the first pick!

In a sense, any sports fan can catch a glimpse of the daily pressures and tough decisions that our Presidents make, just by filling a bracket.

March Madness is the most unpredictable thrill ride in sports, and that is the fun of it all: the unpredictability.

Fans can download and fill their own brackets from ESPN.com

Speaker Review in News Article form

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY – Eric Majchrzak, marketing director of Freed Maxick Accounting, spoke to a group of students about the media relations field on Monday.

Majchrzak makes accounting seem interesting to grab the attention of potential clients for his firm. He spoke of recent methods he uses to spread the Freed Maxick name. He says they use social networking heavily to gain more attention.

The social networking service LinkedIn was referred to on many instances during his presentation. He stressed the site’s usefulness and showed screenshots of the work he does.

Search engine optimization was another topic Majchrzak covered. He showed screenshots of Google searches for his accounting firm, four of the six links on the searches were related to him and Freed Maxick. He claims that the content produced for websites can help drive that particular company into the spotlight.

Overall, his presentation was about how he ended up with the job he has now and the firm’s media relations. He mentioned on numerous occasions that he knows that accounting is not interesting.

After the presentation, accounting just seems to be more entertaining.

Freed Maxick  is a nationally top 100 accounting firm aimed to provide assistance to its clients.

Buffalo Dot Com Speaker

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Yesterday S.J. Velasquez spoke about what shenanigans she does with Buffalo.com and IrishCentral.com. When I say “Shenanigans,” I mean that in saying that she was awesome. By her presentation, she was definitely a fun person. She showed off stuff about her in a powerpoint that she threw together, I can relate to that since I’ve tossed things together before (haha).

Now more about the presentation:

S.J. said that she is like an un-official journalist. She reports on events and what-not on blogs and whatever else she has involvement with on the websites I mentioned earlier.

She gave us some tips about web writing, I copied them down while she talked about them;

  • “readers love lists
  • videos make everything better
  • anonymous comments are the worst
  • don’t use photos without permission
  • credit sources with links”

Her list is definitely helpful for the future, and I have had experience witnessing those on websites.

She told us about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and how it can help get your website noticed.

That was pretty much it. Her presentation was informative and fun. Mostly fun. I really enjoyed what she presented and the advice she gave, and the Buffalo.com posters she brought with her.


S.J. also included Twitter pages we could follow:




In-Class Speaker

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Today in class, Amy Moritz from the Buffalo News came in and spoke about being a writer for news both yesterday and today.

She touched on topics as the technological differences and methods of reporting. With the implication of live blogging and Twitter, how we read news is so much easier. The changes in the internet helped bring more live and up to date news, as opposed to the old way of updating the news every morning.

She even talked about how with the use of Twitter, people can work their way around Public Relations people for many athletes. She talked about Tim Gram (?) and his relationship with former Miami Dolphins player, Ricky Williams, through Twitter. Amy said that Tim and Williams went out and meditated one time.

Overall, Amy was a great speaker. She told us some tricks of the trade and gave some people some ideas for what they can do in the future as a career.

Print to Web, Take 2

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Amy Winehouse coroner resigns, family seeks advice

After questions were raised about her qualifications, the coroner who oversaw the investigation of the death of singer Amy Winehouse has resigned on Wednesday.

Winehouses’s relatives say that they are still gathering their thoughts about the resignation and the possibility of another investigation.

In October, Suzanne Greenaway made the ruling that the singer, who was found dead at her London home in July, had died from accidental alcohol poisoning when she resumed drinking after weeks of abstinence

Greenaway had been appointed an assistant deputy coroner in London in 2009 by her husband, and resigned in November after authorities learned she had not been a registered U.K. lawyer for five years as required by the rules. She had practiced law for a decade in her native Australia.

Word of her resignation was not public until Wednesday.

Greenaway oversaw 12 inquests in Camden, the north London borough where Winehouse lived, and others in east London.  Andrew Reid, Greenway’s husband and the coroner for inner north London, said he was “confident that all of the inquests handled were done so correctly” — but offered to hold those inquests over again if the families of the deceased wanted it.

Winehouse’s family said it had not yet decided what to do. However, Winehouse’s investigation could be declared invalid if her family challenges the verdict in court.

The 27-year-old Grammy-winning singer was found dead at her home in Camden on July 23.

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/NYBUE/2e515285f07040df999bd6b670db791c/Article_2012-02-01-EU-Britain-Winehouse-Inquest/id-f1d7b885fee44f44aeccc54ad61b7218

“Is Twitter for Everybody?” Response

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Perhaps one of the greatest questions in social networking, is Twitter for everybody? As Mark Schaefer learned, Twitter is not exactly for everyone. From personal experience, I have had my Twitter page since 2009. When I was first starting out, I was learning as I went along with it. At one point I was what Schaefer called, a “Twitter Quitter.”

After a while, I got back into the Twitter game and have gotten hooked. I use Twitter primarily on my phone, and since I have been in the game for a while, I have used a few different apps. I currently use “Tweetcaster” for all my Tweeting and Facebook posts.

I know Schaefer’s feeling when his customer refuses to join Twitter. I have some friends that absolutely REFUSE to have anything to do with Twitter. They seem like the perfect candidates, but they shut the idea down.

I think Twitter is a great tool for businesses to utilize. I currently follow Niagara (@NiagaraUniv) and the page often tweets events happening around campus.

Being a sports fan, I follow MANY athletes and other people associated with them. Certain times of the year, I learn of some trades in the NHL before the news is actually published online.

Twitter makes getting news easier, I follow just about every Buffalo news outlet and I get constant updates of what is happening in or around Buffalo.

I think, from experience, if you give Twitter a chance and learn the ropes, just about anyone could use it.

Source: http://www.businessesgrow.com/2011/03/30/is-twitter-for-everybody/

Newspaper Story Put into Web Form

Monday, January 30th, 2012

“Tavares leads Bandits to first place” – Story from 22 Jan

The Buffalo Bandits defeated the Rochester Knighthawks, 12-9, in Blue Cross Arena on Saturday night. Buffalo is off to a 2-0 start, with wins over Toronto and Rochester, and is also in the lead in the National Lacrosse League’s East Division.

Both sides of the turf were on even terms for close to three quarters, and the Bandits offense exploded in the last 20 minutes to win the decision.

John Tavares contributed with four goals, half of them coming at the start of the fourth quarter. His goals were part of a 6-1 run that changed the course of the game for good.

Other scorers included Chad Culp with two goals, Roger Vyse with two, Mark Steenhuis and Luke Wiles each with two goals.

Defense and goalie Mike Thompson shut down the Rochester offense for lengths of the second half.

Both sides had plenty of shots in which the goalies seemed to just stand there and simply let the ball hit them. Just when it looked like the goalies were going to stop virtually everything in the first half, all of a sudden they couldn’t stop anything. Both sides combined to score four goals in 57 seconds.

Early in the third quarter, the Bandits finally had a two-goal lead, but Rochester tied it up at the 5:10 mark. Rochester later took a one-goal lead.

Tavares came to the Bandits rescue, scoring the tying goal. The Bandits then went on the 6 goal scoring tear and won the game 12-9.


Argh! Fox News!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The website for Fox News, well, I’ll start on what I LIKE about it. I like that the site is up to date with around-the-clock updates.

That pretty much sums up what I like about it.

What I don’t like is how last year, when Osama Bin Laden was found and killed, EVERY media outlet spelled his name as OSAMA. Fox News and their infinite wisdom spelled his name as USAMA.

What the H is up with that?!

Another thing I don’t like is their ability to post some real ridiculous stories. Over the summer, I actually read a story published by Fox News talking about how aliens are going to invade Earth and wipe out the human race to protect the environment.

Here’s that article

That just about covers what I despise about Fox News.